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John j

Mono Don
Did this for a mate /builder . Not perfect by along shot but no where near as bad as some we see on here


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John j

Mono Don
That's a bit harsh tbh. Iv done more m2 then I care to remember of mono. But that's not a bad attempt at it. He has to start somewhere. It's a lot better than a lot of jobs that comes up on here. Plus he will only get better at it.
To be honest I.d rather not do anymore ever . I cant handle stress of it with weather etc. All for quite life these days.


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Nothing wrong with that mate apart from the colour don’t suit that type of place but I’m sure you didn’t pick it :ROFLMAO:


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looks absolute dogshite. (not knocking the rendering) but why f**k up good brickwork which ages well, for s**t render?


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Begs the question... lets us do a extension in cheap blocks then let us pay £80 a day to let that John loose on our render however In the process it will ruin the whole house in that awful render . Begs the question the brick has stood the test for time 50 + years
Your welcome


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Every one I do I say that's it last one. Most I do are for builders on there own gaffs . If some one asked On summet nice I.d refuse. Like I said I.m not a renderer but I.m better then some who say they are

The difference is John your humble with no ego and confident enough to knock yourself that tells me everything that i need to know.

Phhhh piss & wind

G** thread closed!