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John j

Mono Don
Did this for a mate /builder . Not perfect by along shot but no where near as bad as some we see on here


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That's a bit harsh tbh. Iv done more m2 then I care to remember of mono. But that's not a bad attempt at it. He has to start somewhere. It's a lot better than a lot of jobs that comes up on here. Plus he will only get better at it.
To be honest I.d rather not do anymore ever . I cant handle stress of it with weather etc. All for quite life these days.
Nothing wrong with that mate apart from the colour don’t suit that type of place but I’m sure you didn’t pick it :ROFLMAO:
looks absolute dogshite. (not knocking the rendering) but why f**k up good brickwork which ages well, for s**t render?
Begs the question... lets us do a extension in cheap blocks then let us pay £80 a day to let that John loose on our render however In the process it will ruin the whole house in that awful render . Begs the question the brick has stood the test for time 50 + years
Your welcome
Every one I do I say that's it last one. Most I do are for builders on there own gaffs . If some one asked On summet nice I.d refuse. Like I said I.m not a renderer but I.m better then some who say they are

The difference is John your humble with no ego and confident enough to knock yourself that tells me everything that i need to know.

Phhhh piss & wind

G** thread closed!