refina powerprep paint and artex stripper

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i have a refina powerprep paint and artex stripper only used twice comes with 3 discs very good working order tell john on 07733360240 for further details
£120 plus postage it takes artex of really quickly mate but its dusty but you can add extracter to it
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Im not worried about asbestosis im sure either the cancer from smoking or a failed liver will get to me first
sure it was in the seventies when the artex became safe but really old stuff could be dodgy - anyway it all stinks of damp dogs
Thats why I wanted it blones for external paint.

I just missed one on ebay tonight it went for £82 notes plus £20 delivery. I wouldv paid that all dy but I thought there was only me in the race but late bidders got in the nick of time nd pipped me
I bid on that too plastjife. I got done by 2 quid. i use auction sniper allot but ran outa credit. wat you gonna do with it maan scrape paint b4 you render or insulate. would a powerfull jet wash do the same thing?? i ben looking at the hilti version of the stripper mmmmmm
yeah blones its for ripping the paint back before rendering over. not sure how well they do the job tho.

I looked at a job for render last week where the builder had stripped all the old paint of a sand and cement rendered building, they used a diesel powered steam cleaner but there wasnt a scrap of paint left afterward, it left the surface slightly perished too - great for my mesh coat but dont think it wouldv been that easy on painted brick
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