Recently Re-Plastered. Window frame damp patches


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Hi Folks, having just recently had the entire downstairs replastered, we have noticed damp patches appearing near our kitchen box window in heavy rain,
Wondered if anyone could perhaps give any advice?

I have redone the external sealant in an attempt to resolve (I just lathered it on with the hope it would sort it until after the winter), but it actually looks like the mortar within the external brickwork is damp, then tracking through to the plaster.

I have chopped out a little bit of plaster from the inside and can see the mortar from the inside is visibly wet.



Bit of a odd window position but what it looks like to me is they have unfortunetly plastered on to the exterior skin of bricks so water is coming through the brick.
Hack off plaster, couple of coats of tanking, sand and cement and skim