Ramboo Featheredge

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Looks like a poor mans speed skim, not sure if ramboo as a brand name screams quality.
Mate of mine bought one of there splash brushes and the head fell off it after a week.
NIce one Jesssop :RpS_thumbup: You're a true gent.

Yeah, had never heard of Rambo either, Scottie.
Used one similar may have been the one jessop put a link up for (as it was very light). Really nice to hold n use think I remember it dragged a little tho.
Looks same as Refin-a ones ..... check ebay because im sure a 1.5m off ebay was only £30-35 delivered
Its just a Darby with a h handle. It don't bend its a rule.

Get one of blones for half the price

I'm a wood handle man mysen
they are not flexible they are used mainly for machine projection plastering very poplar in germany and holland they are used in similar way to a darby by pushing the wall flat and then the wall is ruled again with a proper feather edge, edge on. not any other way because LONG feather edges actually bend in the middle when to much pressure is applied side ways !! ( you think you got your wall perfect and check it and its got a big recess in the middle!!)
I got three of these and the new ones not a patch on the older ones i got the older ones dont bend
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