rain forecast

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rain forecasts are about as predictable as the weather!

i use the met office web site there is an app for it aswell


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If you use the BBC or the MET which are basically the same peeps look at the forecast for at least two local places cos they get their data from different weather stations. Then, watch the weather for a few days and which ever is the most accurate to you use from then on cos for me anyway the forecast for a place 20 mile up the road is always more accurate than the one for where i live :RpS_unsure:


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what do u gayboys find a decent site to rain forecasts?
Joking aside , coastguard is excellent for weather forecast, they have a real time radar and satellite imaging (they never mind a call from locals asking the weather in the morning unless there is a capsized liner off the coast)


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Find out where the nearest weather unit is to said location and search for that..

when planning mtb trips we did this a lot there is a weather/unit/sat illite within gisburn forest as there is a micro climate right over it so predicting the weather was a joke..


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Last Monday & Tuesday I checked 3 websites & a weather app & they was all wrong ffs! :RpS_unsure:


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If you get the mixer set up expect rain,if you decide to swerve doing the outside,it wil be cloudy to sunny :RpS_laugh:
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