Question & Answer Session From British Gypsum

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Would you be interested in doing a G&A session with British Gypsum?

  • Yes - It would be very interesting

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  • Nope

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Would you be interested in a question and answer session with British Gypsum on here?

Do you have questions you would like to ask?

Do you have ideas and suggestions?

Well we can organise it to happen, as some of you may know that we are working with British Gypsum and they are keen to work with us.

They want to know whether this is something that you would be interested in doing?

If it is then we will organise a date and time and I will set up a section on here for it to happen :)

exactly :) It might take a while to organise but it was suggested by BG so I think they are keen :)

nope, they are going to be logged on at a certain time and it will be posting questions and answers....

We just need to confirm that its going to popular enough
even if it aint live, just banking up questions for em to answer when they get on here aint a bad idea i think, sometimes you cant remember what you forgot and i know that doesnt make any sense but i know what i mean :RpS_unsure:
mine would be - just what exactly is the crack r.e. the fabled 'summer and winter mix' and how are we supposed to know which is which by looking at the bags? which incidentally are usually ripped to f'ck by the time it gets to the van... :RpS_confused:
I need to discuss with them but i am keen on the idea of having a British gypsum section.....

But this section needs to be clean cut and no banter just straight answers and questions....

But by the looks of it they will be happy

Also working on some other manufacturers as well :)
Sounds good to me.

Will be beneficial to both parties for product development on their behalf and product knowledge on our behalf.

I have a couple of questions waiting.

Have you approached Refina?
1st thing thats got me interested for yrs get it on danny . ask em what type of egg they use when specking an eggshell like finish.
It is going ahead just takes a long time to organise as it has to go through tonnes of people before anything gets approved :)