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how do you guys price your jobs?

ive been asked for meter price but ive been told that this can work out exspensive so i dont bother with it, also i like to see the job first.

i normaly arrange to look at the job then work out all materials and call them back day or two later with a price, worked out on how many days i think it will take along with materials and petrol.

do you work it out as a job price or like me a day rate plus extra's?

also just a rough price what do you charge a day?

i think i always underprice as i always get my work, and i know others charge more than me.
last job said the cheapest quote they got was half what i quoted :-?

im still happy cause i got the job at what money i wanted, but if im quoting that much cheaper then im killing myself for stupid money? lol

cheers aj


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I take my day rate and add materials. And i tell them a price when i see the job.

BTW, if you have a question, try searching the forum. It may already have been discussed ;)

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