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If you're running a certain mount of hose should the pressure reading be equal to that amount e.g 20m hose to 20 bar pressure ?
Ok so if my gear was too stiff and unable to pump the back pressure would be greater than the hose length
Based on using 25mm hoses, your pressure reading should be the same as the linear meterage of your hose.

This is only really possible is the R/S is new enough / capable of pumping this distance

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It's done 7 pallets Ryan were keeping a note of them, spoke to another lad today who uses an m300 he sprays the same as us and is getting a lot more, we had a 20m hose on yesterday first panel was fine moved around the corner and after 2 metres it started spraying slowly, we're only spraying 10m tops away and one lift
What I'm trying to get is if we adjust the water to make the gear wetter or stiffer to adjust the back pressure do we just adjust the water setting until we get a reading of an equal back pressure to the amount of hose we've got on and try spraying whatever comes out regardless of consistency so we don't keep ******* up rotor and stators?
You need to set machine up so you can use the material, its easier to run slightly wetter and spray in 2 passes rather then have it stiffer and try and get it out in one

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just have it how you like it spunk. whatever is easiest rule. if the back pressure is really high then somethings not right or its far too stiff.

and listen to the fat man, wetter is better.
We do nick I wouldn't hand apply if it was too stiff, what's the point in having a ******* machine if you can't get over 10mm beads rule and spat it comfortably and have to go backwards because it has too be wetter ?
Is that through any pipe we use 15m 35mm and 20m 25mm, and does it make a difference if there's moisture in the air the height you pump ?
What about the moisture in the air Ryan's talking about mate does that wear th r/s out quicker?
You would get longer out of the R/S if you used 2 x 13.3m Pipes with a 5m 25mm whip end. U sure it's a 20m 25mm as we rarely sell that length. A M300 Rotor and stator on average will last around the 20 pallet mark on 23m of hose. Dependant on material and water setting etc. we have guys getting over 28 pallets

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25mm are available in a 5, 10 and 15m.

It's basically down to the diameter of the pipe. The smaller the hole, the harder the R\S has to work to push the material through the pipe

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F##k me we just chuck a d-63?twister on and spray I don't even have a pressure gauge on my g4 when the gear starts to go wet /dry /wet /dry you know it's time to change the sator we spray weber and parex at around 300 and rend aid at about 340ish make sure you have a nice new cap on your gun it can make all the difference .
Ryan we've got a test pipe and a 20m hose does that make any sense we join the 20m hose to this, if we use a 15m 35mm we have a coupler that joins the hose to the 25mm, Andy bought a 20m hose it's not less than that I'm positive
The M300 has a 35mm outlet. Even pushing 20ish meters I would always recommend a 13.3m 35mm then a 5 or 10m 25mm

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3 x 13.3m 35mm with a 5m 25mm whip end.

More pipe you have more wear and tear on the machine and the quicker you will burn the R/S out. If you can move the machine closer, try and do that! I know it's easier said than done but it does save money in the long run

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It's hard to say to be honest mate, will be around the 16+ pallet mark - that's a safe assumption.

I wouldn't say it's necessarily the 20m causing the issue. It could well be though will mention it to me old boy tomorrow and will call Andy. I said to Andy as well, that if you are still having problems, pop in Friday with 8-10 bags of what your spraying and we will go over it all again and see what's happening

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Dave, can understand why your getting angry but I'm doing what I can to help.

Yes you can put 20m of 25mm on when using a reducer. As I have said it will wear the R/S quicker cause it 25mm.

We would recommend a 13.3m 35mm first then use a whip end 25mm.

Before we go any further with it and make anymore guesses we need to know what your bar pressure is reading exactly.

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I've had an idea, it may sound mental, but here goes.

Someone from p1ss makes a site visit, with a van full of spares, to take a look at and oversee the set up of the machine!
Wish we could but we are pretty tied up. Spoke to Spunky's boss and offered for them to bring the machine down to us Friday and we will go through everything to find out exactly what is wrong. Obviously FOC

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