plastering was more intresting 100 yrs ago

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Been reading that great Scottish Plasterer W. Millar book or should we say plasterers bible.

Plasterers use to make the blackboards in schools and also plaster railway carriages which foods goods were to be transported in, And what we are facing at present so did they on prices . I will try and write some more on it but am not the best at putting words onto paper.:RpS_thumbup:
i remember my great uncles who worked in the building industury about that time. building work was considered causal labour they would be laid off every year about november till march as the frosts would damage the work. they would come and live with my parents for those winter months.
I bet the railway food carriages were done because it regulated the atmosphere better for keeping the grub right..........remember it would have been lime plaster then :RpS_thumbup:
Aye it must have been rough back then. No VW vans to ponce aboot in and no junk food. All the spreads were lean and hard grafters :RpS_thumbsup:
Ok, Caspers lean, but ever so ever lazy, to fukin lazy to cook his own meals, gets all that s**t from M&S.Tut tut.
I remember when my great great grandad was a plasterer there wasn't any trowels he used to spread it with an open toe sandal , mix it up with a twig in a bed pan ,get 3 sets on and still be home for 2.

that's the book mate well worth reading. Bubbles already has:RpS_thumbsup:.

A term still used today "Jerry Built" Jerry was a house builder in Liverpool, we also used the term rough b-rstard they were just different ways of lime plastering then . I also like the bit about plasterers over
the winter would split timbers to make laths, I can think of a few on here all together in the wood shed taking the p-ss out of each other.
Your a mind of information Bubbles . I would have to get up early to catch you out mate.:RpS_thumbup:
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