Plastering prices


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Hes the forum buffoon dont listen to him..tin pot plasterer,thinks every1s guna get covid if you dont follow the exact rules..
Not everyone no, just more people than if everyone did follow the rules. That's common sense, so I can understand why it's tough for you to grasp


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i was in stow on the wold last year,disapointed with pubs in stow,....went to bourdon on the water,nice place,penguin soaked me little git,.....anyhoooooo just thought i would mention it,.....oh and stayed in a hotel for a night at stratford upon avon,beside a river/butterfly thingy not far away,sister hotel across road ,cant remember its name, something to do with a swan or bird i think,nice hotel good breakfast,......just thought i would mention that too,liked the cotswolds,name of that hotel is bugging me now what was it called,ohhhhh