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Helo Reg,

Sorry about the delay in replying got a lot of work on.

So this company promises you that?? hmmmm £2800 is a lot of cash to put out.

I think that you need to be sure you want to be a spread, have you done it before??

If they live up to what they say then this would be good grounds to get a business off the ground


Hi Reg

Just make sure that you check if they are going to place you with somebody who can get you this outside work. A NVQ can only be obtained by gathering proof that you can do the work in the workplace.

The price is. a little over the top IMHO, have you tried a college who would be able to train you towards the ICA Plastering qualification which includes the theory side of the NVQ, then provided you can get work gather your evidence towards your NVQ for roundabout a grand less.
Yeah the course is 3 and a half months long, 9-5 everyday. they take you for on site assessments on the course.
Cant see that you are going to get a NVQ any quicker than that, ask questions as to how much they would charge you for any addtional visits that might be required. In all honesty you will struggle to get to level 2 standard in 15 weeks without you got some prior experience.
I asked today and you have to organise your own off site visits :mad:, so you where right. Cheers saved me some money!

I think I'll consider doing a few different short courses over time to build up the skills. Are there any recommended courses/ training provders from you guys?

Does anyone know another route to gaining the NVQ 2?

Also will a short, say 3 week course be enough to get started?

Thanks for the help fellas
I did a 2 week plastering course locally and learned the basics which has proved more than enough to get me started on the right track - then its just a case of practice makes perfect and learning from your mistakes - I always take before and after photos of all my work and have built up quite a nice portfolio of work which is easily as valuable as any qualification!

Now 4 months down the line I'm earning good money and have a regular stream of work.

hope this helps.
Hi reg Robpspread here welcome.
Could you tell me who provides this fifteen week course its the first ive heard of it .Ta.
Listen mate, i only done the 4 day plastering course @ beyond construction in peterlee and i was amazed at what they showed me in 4 days.
The instructor is so experienced and really puts you at ease.
I now have my own business and ive now been plastering for just under 2 years.
i must say there were lads who just couldnt do it but if you want to learn its the place to go.
sorry im a little late to contribute to this thread, i must point out that the "real work" which is needed to be assesed to get your nvq 2 can be done in 2 ways:

1- found by yourself, either by being employed or self employed or having lots and lots of trusting freinds
2- found by us here at the training center through either or outside work division or previous students who have been self employed for over 9 months

you must have been unfortunate enough to have spoken to our lovely "junior member" of the admin team. hope that helps you in your quest to find the rght course for your needs and applogies for the misinformation.

Hi reg aint been funny mate wouldn't bother with that. Just achieved NVQ2 and C&G with Goldtrowel. they operate a fast track method which is all above board and governed by a. the Assessor and b. Their LSC. Phone and check them out. There are many people that use this forum who trained there and they have expanded and deliver.
Hello Griff,

Good bunch of lads at gold trowel, how much did all that cost? did you just get assessed in the training center?

No did the three week nvq course they helped me build up my portfolio during which they have a governing body whereby chris and Andy assessed me away from the training centre and then Iwas done and dusted off to oz soon and also got my C&Guilds through their fast track route.

I had visited lseveral training centres prior(my opinoin the others got no chance) and guys at GT new what they were talking about, Professional and all qualified to deliver.  Understand that more people are using them than ever to do this, so they are obviously doing it right.  They have IV's and EV'S and give me continued support.  Can't wait to go got my qualifications and also did there new Venetiano course over 3 days.  The nuts.  Thing is I have already got things in place in Oz and intend to do this over there.  Cheers Dan
no worries griff, glad to have helped.

I think I might give GT a call and see if they fancy sticking me through, I wouldnt like to say how many people have gone from this

Did you have to find you own jobs or did chris just send you somewhere?

3 week NVQ 2???? sorry to be a stick in the mud mate but how are you supposed to be able to get all of the knowledge and practical skills to be able to do that? i am fully familiar with the NVQ standards and liase with the EV (external verifier) and if we claimed to be able to produce nvq 2 students (from scratch) in 3 weeks we would loose our hard gained approval immediately . any NVQ has a ten week rule anyway so it would be imposible. Even OSAT which is the fast track nvq takes at least ten weeks and the EWPA (experienced worker practical assessment) requires 5 years previous experince before acceptance on the course.

hope all goes well for you in OZ, there are so many people doing it these days, we have had 3 or 4 in the last 2 years and some have been back in touch saying its the best move they have ever made, hope you feel the same way to mate. better weather anyway
You can do the NVQ quick as you like, but don't get the cert for 10 weeks
Hi martin where do you assess then. And who do you teach, if so then you know that I make sense having vompleted the NVQ course. I read these threads a like peoples opinon. Been in the game long enough just needed the certs hence the Goldtrowel thing. That to the side, I ain't blowing me trumpet (yeah Iam) but assessor or no assessor doesn't mean that much. Yeah you can assess , that to the side, why not answer everyones threads. I have well enough experience in Solid, Fibrous and Polished, Monocouche, wet/dry dashing, and Tyrolene. As for polished plastering, there are nu,merous finishes I know of 15, Carrara, AND CLASSIC ARE FAVOUriTeS. kNOW PEOPLE WHO ARE ON £90m2. Like to see you assess that one mr big spuds. Anyway answer the question we all want to know.
Hi Griff

we are an approved center (5220) in the north east of england, i dont assess but i own the company and am the center contact so i chair all of the meetings with the EV from the awarding body and get to know exacly what they will and wont accept. i only make these comments because there are a lot of people who claim to offer NVQ in x number of weeks, days or assessments and i know for a fact that this is simply imposible. the only way you can get a "fast track" nvq 2 plastering is through either:
OSAT (on site assessment and training) - the minimum here is 5=6 independant assessments and an assessment plan based on your previous experience and qualifications
EWPA (experinced worker practical assessment) provided that you have a proven previous 5 years experince you can effectively get the NVQ 2 in 1 day by doing a phase test and then having a profesional discusion with your assessor who verifies your competence.

when a come on this website i try and provide the users of the webiste with as much information as i can about the trade and this can be seen by the threads that i have posted so far. hopefully this will result in them getting the right training and qualifications for their needs and save them being ripped off, i cant see any problems with that mate but i can see a lot of people being conned into doing courses that simply arnt what they say they are. Glad you have got your NVQ, where did you do it?
weird really. I have my NVQ2 did it through Goldtrowel they hav a governing authority via there sources and do what they say. They are approved IV'S & Assessors so the OSAT'S ARE DONE VIA THERE sources.
I have already placed the answer to this thread, give em a call they will tell you
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