plastering apprenticeship need wolverhampton - west midlands

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Hi my names Iain im 17 years old and I'm looking for someone who would like an apprentice plasterer in the wolverhampton area I'm currently at college full-time doing plastering but would like to swap over to an apprentership reason being I think I would benefit much more working on the job with someone who could show us a thing or two I'm very serious about getting qualified and am dedicated to learning the trade as I want to further my knowledge in plastering so if there is anyone that could help even if it's for a day here and there so I could just come along and learn off someone with experience that would be great. contact me on 07462573099 thanks Iain
Good luck with that one Hillzie. It's not an ideal time to take anyone on, with winter upon us, but someone in the Wolverhampton area might be able to give you the odd day or weekend which will give you a bit more experience. Keep checking in and posting on here, something might come up :RpS_thumbup:
There's one or two members on here from your neck of the woods - some strange, some even stranger, be careful out there :RpS_wink:
Hi Iain welcome to the forum.
I've saved your number in my phone & I'll give you a call if anything comes up for you.
Nice name by the way Hillzie similar to our mate Hillside :RpS_cool:
You have to watch his videos man hillside or mr hillside on YouTube Iain there's some on here too they are a good laugh :RpS_thumbup:
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