Plasterer is Swansea Area

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Hi everyone

Looking for a decent plasterer in the Swansea/South Wales Area for some work

2 Artex celings 3.3m*3.3 each
1 wall 3.6x2.2m (wxh)
1 wall 7m x 2.2m (wxh)
2 chimney breasts inc alcoves approx 2.3x2.2m (wxh)
Plaster in a door (been blocked up/plasterboard)
Lintel 3m in middle of room
HI if you still need job sorting i can come down and sort it out, What price do you have in mind???
Malvern not to close to Swansea £130 a day? Listen so people understand me and i wont get told of cos ime not going to be rude but untill we start charging proper prices nothing is gonna happen the Goverment aint gonna help so if we all start charging proper we are in charge if you know what i mean.
Ok Its £10.000 aday, i want 16 year female virgin knocking up the mix, i want a limo to get me to work, Gordan Ramsey cooking my lunch and the queen there everyday to tell me how great i am!!!!!!! is that more like it!!!!! f*%k me!!!!!!
It works like most fourms work I reckon, like if we were all in the same room - you'd be a bit more careful what you say young man:RpS_thumbup: Now give me 40 push-ups.........
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