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Hi guys!

Wondered if someone on here could help me please. I'm looking to start recycling plasterboard offcuts....i've done my research, determined there's a demand for it, worked out what I want to do and I'm almost all set to go. Trouble is, I'm not sure quite how to go about actually finding the people on the ground to speak to regarding getting some plasterboard in to recycle.

Anybody able to give me any suggestions?
Thanks for the replies. I've tried to approach building sites and it appears that all waste is dealt with centrally and by the looks of it one firm is used for all waste streams. I'd still very much like to supply such a service however as I have a use for the shredded product so wondered if anyone could suggest what else I might try.

GW, do you know any more about the service supplied by Knauf? do they charge for the product, or collect it FOC?
all sites now have to separately dispose of plasterboard from other waste as it has to be recycled. you even have to fill in forms on how much waste gypsum you produce. the enviromental regs are getting very tight on this. other types of waste are also already on this system. there are plasterboard recycling plants operating they take the stuff and sell it back on once processed.
well i does take alot of energy 2produce so recycling is good for gypsum, its been up and running for a few years now but is getting strickt lately
i do agree tho, soon we will have 2recycle our own pi55
Cheers again for the replies guys. I'm pretty sure I could offer the service at a more competitive price than the current waste disposal companies are doing so that's gotta be a good thing.....trouble is just getting my foot in the door in the first place. (and knowing which door to get my foot in!!)
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