Pica pencil holder and sharpener


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Carpenters pencil holder and sharpener.
Pica 505

Pica Pocket carpenter pencil.
This is a mechanical pencil and you just swap lead in pencil

toolstation sell similar


You alright mate?

Wife left you for someone with more reviews on Checkatrade?

Only askin' cos you seem unusually gear-focused, this past week.

Nuthin' wrong with that, just seems a little out of character, that's all (y)

I'm just sorting my tools out. Looking for better kit and ways to store to hand plus carry less with me as a bit overrun with stuff. Getting up and down and running around ain't as easy now I'm getting older so need stuff to hand and pencils and tape measures seem to vanish in thin air. I could post way more great kit ideas ect but most here probably not interested.
Other option is to get my ears pined back so I can stick pencil there but probably lose my head. Lol

Been looking at tape measures and holders. Lazer levels. Stainless scrapers. Knives and carrying pouches plus much more.
pencils and tape measures seem to vanish in thin air

Agreed - I now take whole packets of pencils to jobs, so I don't have to waste time hunting for a missing pencil - just grab another one from the packet and keep working.

Tape measures, I no longer buy expensive ones - Poundland sell very useable 7.5m tape measures (unless you get a bad one, I find they generally have no more than 0.5mm deviation, which is fine for most work). That way, I can buy 5 for a fiver, and not worry if one goes missing on the job, and not waste time hunting for a mislaid one - just grab another and keep working.
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it's a bit pricey, I just use an ordinary cheap propelling pencil, but you need to have somewhere to put it where it won't get bent/snap.
I'm just started using a US graphite composite pencil which I like. Chisel end but bends a bit, think you can sharpen it on a brick like you do a stanley blade but haven't need to yet..
"chattahoochee carpenters pencil" on You tube but cannot find a uk supplier now, might have gone bust in the US