Over tiles


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Can tiles be skimmed over if using Blue Grit or whatever its called? I was asked by a customer today but wasn't sure so I said best to knock em off. Opinions..
Did it few years back on one of my rentals. Blue grit then skim. Felt weird and took ages to go off but it's still standing strong. Not sure I'd do it for a paying customer tho
Depends what the customer wants give them both options and the risk involved skimming over tiles.
Ive skimmed over tiles before with wba applied,but thats what the customer wanted not me.
Unless you tell the customer about it they wouldn't know .....
As I'm not happy about going over tiles I wouldn't offer option to skim em
Over tiles
Done it before on my own stuff and never had a problem. Just because something isn't the noŕm doesn't mean it's wrong. The description on that grit clearly states it can go onto ceramics tiles. I've messed around testing and it will even go on glass and you can then plaster on that too. Any old school traditional spread would say knock off and start again. They may also say that flexi trowel are crap and to stick with a carbon steel unit. I know the opinion on flexi trowel is another debate but it proves that methods can change.
I’ve plastered over tiles before and it has been fine but personally I would advise to remove tiles, make good and skim. Ultimately i think it makes a better job. If you do end up plastering over the tiles make sure they are thoroughly cleaned and free of grease etc before applying the pre-grit.
Pva make sure it's dry. No different than a painted wall. Tight coat of bonding.if u like. Put a good price in .