Over polishing? Yes or no?

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Job I am on just now for past 2 weeks is a conversion of an old town house type of building gettin converted into flats,good enough job majority of it is skimmin plasterboard, some patching etc, anyway the wee guy who is runnin the job,thinks hes a site agent who knows everything about nothin and nothin about everything , think he's a joiner to trade?brought another plasterer on to the job to push things on, the guy turned up on Monday , feckin Albanian **** could barely speak a word of English, he was workin down stairs from me I wasn't bothering my arse with him, the wee foreman guy was ravin bout him and how good his plasterin was, I took a look in on his work, my god I have never seen such polished finish in my life I told the foreman wot I thought of his work and it had been polished to death, but he wasnt interested ,speaking to some of the labourers on the job and they said he was three coating!!!! I was always told over polishing was a no no by various spreads over the years and painters hate it, what's you'r opinion on this guys?I am lookin forward to the decorator turnin up?:RpS_confused:
No you should not over polish the finish as the paint will not take if it is to smooth .Anyway why go to all that trouble ?, as long as it is tidy with no trowel marks and done to the excepted standard it serves no purpose as ones it has had a few coats of paint it will look flat.
Your so right!stupid polishing painters hate it but some clientsvlove it!foriegners like to polish cos it hides faults!!lol
Forgot to say, the foreman - site agent dreamer, doesn't like a radio on the job he says it's a distraction, WTF? He took the fuse out of my plug on my radio one night after I had left, no kiddin honest! I turned up next day radio dead! One of the guys on the job told me the **** took the fuse unbelievable! I think when I am done I will take the air out of his tyres:RpS_thumbsup:
Another thing the Albanian done I have never seen before, I noticed around every socket cut out on plasterboard he ran fibatape round the edge of the socket opening,he done the same round door openings ????????:RpS_confused:
took the fuse out of your radio.......what a c**t id take some of the blood out of his nose for him in return:RpS_cursing:
Fuse out?
I'd have to make a point of havin the radio on every day full blast.
He was producing less than me lilharbs and I wasn't bursting my arse,but I think the wee foreman guy turned a blind eye to it cause the Albanian was puttin out nice shiney Walls and it was him that brought him onto the job? So didn't. Want to make himself look bad. 3 coating? I have never seen that before, how much material is he goin thru?the fibatape thing too?
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The radio thing really feckin ripped ma tits, u can take a mans food, take a
Mans wife but tamper with his radio???? As jr said above take it out on his facelol:RpS_thumbsup:
i have over polished a fair bit in the past, but i do mostly domestic work, and everyone expects a glass finish, have had a few know it all customers in the past thats moaned its not glass enough,or " they cant see their reflection" so not worth the hassle and have often polish it more than needs be, judging on the customer , usually if they start banging on about a glass finish never had painters moan that they cant paint it though, well not that im aware of, not that i would give a s**t if thats whats been asked of me
Site agents(failed joiners) no eff all about plastering and judge your finish by the polish the shinier the better in their eyes so keep em happy and f uck the painters
Sounds to me like he is going the extra mile,and your just rough mate.Perhaps you should go on a course and learn plastering properley Fatarm.
Don't over polish walls. It closes the surface so the paint does not draw in. Painters hate it because there paint has to air dry.

If someone wants it polished explain that to them and don't do it. As said above people do it to hide the fact that they are shite and don't know how to plaster.
Sounds to me like he is going the extra mile,and your just rough mate.Perhaps you should go on a course and learn plastering properley Fatarm.

Tell it like it is Claire lol But on a serious note over polishing is a no no in my book as well as for how many coats have been put on is irrelevant as long as the finish is right.
why does it say claire has had 3 posts but there isnt any when i do a search??
No, just saying the guy is going the extra mile and being slaged for it,either Fatarm is rough, jealous beacause the guy can achive a quality finnish, just saying as i see it.
fatarm what you should do is make yours very shiny and keep going over every day for a week
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What you should do is once you have polished your wall and its gone brown run a plastic bag over it It will come up like a fcuking mirror
fkin ell this thread is funnnneeeee! sound like claire has some testosterone one in her! are u a her? some mongs appreciate a polish because its the only thing they can recognise as good as they don't know shi.t. so do it if they want it. you should know by now what kind of mong is going to want it and the others know the crack. poor old decorator, bet it was like painting the windows. perhaps you should get some diesel and a paint brush and write sorry on the wall for the decorator and the rest of eternity to see. wtf, three coats?? i know il just keep plastering this wall!!derrrrrrrrrrr yarp
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