OMG Booted off job

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quick run down, mini extention, 12ft by 8, tack dab and skim and patch up in kitchen.
Priced a job up, 3 days work. worked out time scale with retired chap, I can do it on the tuesday, friday and finish on the monday.
All is agreed, so i turn up on the tuesday. No windows have been fitted, 2 walls with windows, back end double door with side windows, I told them numerous times i cannot start untill windows are in.. I was promised all would be done. I said i can start the ceiling and go from there , he says no, the building inspector has to see it first and his coming this morning.. Cutting short, windows turned up at midday, building inspector came mid morning, I leave at 5 to 4 that day and they are still fitting back door, all i got done was ceiling tacked, the 2 side window reviels set along with reviels set for walk through from existing building done, nothing else i could have done.. Went in friday and completed dabbing and prepared for skimming, said i would come in saturday morning as have now been told that they have to screed the floor on the sunday.. Not my problem , they should have told me that before, anyway, skimmed ceiling and reviels and left. Got a phone call from his irate wife demanding i come back and finish the job today (Sat), then half hour later the man rings and says if i dont finish the job today he wants me off the job !! 2 hours after that a text message comes through from someone i know who is doing the plumbing work saying "heads up mate his got all your kit out the house and dumped it on the driveway.. This is only saturday (today) just been round and picked up my kit !

Old dude better pay up else its off to court we go

Anyone else have any problems like this over the time ?

Go in Monday and skim it he's probably dumped you're kit on the drive for the screeders act completely normall and see what they've got to say
the double ya tactics Spunkster...........:RpS_thumbup:
Definitely a doorstep drop waiting to happen.:RpS_laugh:you don't need idiots like that.i had one a few months back,job for another builder.he was converting a garage into a bedroom and utility room.i said no probs,give me as much notice as poss,I'm busy but will squeeze the job in(gotta keep everyone sweet).builder calls"the rooms ready to skim,and they want to paint it ASAP"ok I said I will get there ASAP.finished another job on a Friday morning,picked up the mats for the job and travelled 30mins to the job.the builder was arguing with the client over payment for his work upto date.ok,she wouldn't unlock the door for me to get in the room.unloaded all the materials and tools upto the front door,builder got a cheque and all seemed in and started beading and taping the awful attempt the builder made of boarding the room out.there was even some boarding still missing in the room.spent 3hrs beading and taping before leaving for the weekend.called the builder the following Tuesday night and said I will go in 2moro and start skimming it,"oh ok"sounded shifty.he rang me. At 7.30 the next morning"they couldn't wait any longer,got someone else in try too help people out and what do you get,sh@t on.anyway took me a week of chasing to get the doshfor my time and my materials that the other "plasterer"used.arseholes.
I do mainly large site work or small groups of houses and the only dangers I've seen of late finishes are retensions or losing further work, they probably can kick you off the job but legally there would be a lot more too that
not many jobs are completed on time and builders are always left waiting that's life unfortunately you come across assholes mate if you get to a part payment and someone else skims it tell them you were doing the skim for 50p a metre
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