No Unibond when using self leveling compound

Harrison Gurney

New Member
I am renovating a property, it is a bungalow with concrete floors.

stupidly i set the electric underfloor heating in self leveling compound without unibonding the concrete. So now its starting to crack and i think its detatched from the concrete.

My question is....

Can i get away with flexible tile adhesive and grout? its a solid concrete floor so i cant imagine there is much room for movement? or am i screwed and need to chip it all of the ufh and relay it?
Yeah has to come up by the sounds of it. I use bal Sbr before self levelling.

Did You put the heating on or has it cracked on its own?
Can i use Ditra matting over the top? Someone suggested it to me today. Im pretty sure if i take up the leveling compound then i will have to buy new UFH as theres no way i'm getting it all off the mesh...
If the self levelling has come loose and cracking covering in ditra won't make a lot of difference, take up and redo.
What you need is something to consolidate the breaking self level which I have no idea perhaps a thin sbr slurry or something over the top