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Anyone had to deal with a proppa pain in the ass neighbour. Were currently hacking of a 3 bed house end terrace to be mono'd but the next door neighbour is being an absolute dickhead. before we even start he was out how are you going to cut my render to join up etc fair enough, explained we would be putting a bead down and siliconing etc he said ok im happy with that. so the lads are haking off i get a phone call the neighbour wants us to stop he cant watch his tele or we have to get more lads on and do half days. so i told him to go round tell him politely were already starting an hour later because he doesnt want early starts and we finish at half 3 so he shut up for a day. next day go to cut the line were the render meets with a grinder, the old fecka is only painting the back of his house were we are working and shouts over "getting a coat of paint on before the winter sets in" am thinking is this guy for fcking real then i see he putting silicone round his windows now u can imagine the dust sticking to the silicone. end of that day we cleaned his back and windows i mean clean so today the electrician is there running cables for security lights etc then hes out again saying you best get them back here my yard is disgusting etc it was left spotless. hes also saying to our electrician i want a partition putting between the gardens and full roof height. anyway ive had enough now wouldnt mind its bin hacked of in 3 days just the front left to do. anyone dealt with a dick like this before am gna tell him how it is in the morning cheaky *******
this guy also thinks this render doesnt need to come of, its clearly got cracks and blown all over it
You should do the opposite of what he expects. ie lose your rag.

Be super nice, smile and be very happy when you talk to him.

A nice touch would be to buy him a sweet little posey of flowers in a way of apology for all the upset you've caused.
I've found in jobs like these there may be an underlying problem between neighbours, or his nose is out of joint cause neighbour is spending som money on their house and he ain't? Hence he's out painting etc, has your customer not said owt about him? he may be looking for a sweetener to get him off your back. As long as your doing all possible to minimise disruption to him there ain't much more you can do:RpS_thumbup:
Be nice until you get the lines cut and then completely ignore the jealous old fker :RpS_thumbup:
He is probably jealous and doing the"I'm a real man doing manual labour"thing.waiting for you to leave a mark on his new paint then complain like should just say that you would be more than happy to quote for his side as it is showing signs of age and wear.keep smiling at him,he will think ur nuts!!:RpS_thumbsup:
He can't do **** all mate just carry on or tell him to ring the police they'll laugh at him
I have to agree with spunky on this... if you are being considerate and doing your best then screw him :)

when he starts chattin crap from now on ive told everyone just to start smiling at him and turn the backs on him and carry on.
like whats been said sh!t on his doorstep!! oh and take a load of mud up the scaff and sling it in his gutters!! with some seed from the local trees
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