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If it was nobody would admit to it...............but I do think he is better looking than you. :ROFLMAO:

U at pub yet @algeeman



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You couldnt even drink that much in Ireland and drive home no Lurpy. It would be on the spot instant ban.


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Wipe the spunk of your glasses you apple danish and look . He’s sitting there lol

Great mate you are, sitting fuckign about with your phone in company. I'd smack the taste out of your mouth.

Or mutter a bit.

One of the two.


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Dodgy stool

Saw a fella do that in my local. If you're good crack, you're allowed to get pissed as f**k in there.

The barman didn't even blink, nor did his mate, nor did he. He just got back up and carried on drinking. Didn't miss a beat.

When I did it once, everybody was very impressed that I managed to shout 'Man Down' before I hit the floor.