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But he's a fat lad, so bits of him might be in the surrounding area, and if you get too close you WILL be surrounded :RpS_scared:
Shud av a small porch to do soon but thats it im tryin to get in wiv a plasterer at the min new to this game need some trainin n experiance
what experience do you have? you do college course or 5 day course? to learn plastering takes years, your right to want to work with a plasterer its the best way to learn the trade properly.
I done two short courses one two week n one three week then went straight into a big job plasterin 5 rooms wiv blown plaster on walls which made the job alot harder good practice tho lol then few other small jobs odd wall and patchin bloke i did it for was a prick and didnt wnt to pay alot only paid me 600 for the house n he kept addin things on like puttin in window frames n paintin all of the house cud of done more jobs wiv him for s**t money lol
money is s**t when you start because your only a skilled labourer at most, a total of 5 weeks on a course does not make you a plasterer... it takes years to master it properly and then your still learning... what made you jump straight in to a house skimming after only 5 weeks?
I didnt plan on doing a job of my own because i wasnt skilled enough i put ad up on a site stateing that i needed to get in wiv a plasterer etc n ended up doing it jst for some experiance the bloke was a bodger anyway as i found out l8ter on
loads about mate giving the plastering trade a bad name. youl learn a lot more once your with an experienced plasterer,not just about skimming its the whole package, floating dabbing rendering ect and knowing how to overcome problems if they arise. Good luck anyway.
Yeh i no m8 its findin a plasterer thats got enough work n wnts to teach me thanks anyway n if i get any jobs that i think are too big for me to do i will let u no
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