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Hi, Just joined as I have a few queries. Done a bit of platering before, got a newly blocked wall to plaster which is about 6metres long, in the middle, theres a steel post which is around 5 inches wide. Can I plaster over it? if so, does it need to be prepeared in any way? score it with a grinder etc? Cheers :RpS_thumbup:
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no render will not stick to steel

use some expanded metal lath fixed to blockwork either side
with screws/washers
you should not need to fix into steel at that size .

sure someone else will be along with another idea.?
I would add,put some building paper behind the mesh to creat a slip plane. Use less gear then.Also make sure this is not a movement detail in the construction as your may need to follow this in your finish.If its internal you could dat and dab the wall and bridge over the steel eement.
Can,t add to that ,think Mark has that one covered ,and if you look into his pictures ,he knows the game :RpS_thumbup:
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