New Server Is Coming....

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Hi Guys

I have bitten the bullet and have authorised a server upgrade.

Due to popularity of the forum and the growth we have outgrown the current server and this has slowed the site down I am hoping that the server upgrade will solve this and we will get a lightning speeds back again.

We are planning to do the server move this evening but it may get postponed till tomorrow night depending on how busy our server team is.

The forum will be up and down throughout this process so please bear with us and hopefully the site will be back up and running before anyone has noticed it was down :)

Thanks again for your support and thanks again for all of the sponsors who have supported and helped cover the costs.

Thanks again

Server upgrade was a success :)

Lets see how it handles tonights traffic :)

It may still need tweaks and changes so we shall see :)
Not open for further replies.