New Georgian Red Joins Weber.Rend RB Colour Range By Saint-gobain Weber

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Saint-Gobain Weber has introduced a new colour to the brick-effect finish for their External Wall Insulation (EWI) system with the addition of Georgian Red. This has been made in response to customer demand allowing the closest possible match for the refurbishment of the façades of Victorian and Georgian brick-built properties in the North of England.



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I've used parex's version malted brown dpr, but to be fair if you have the ral code you can get any colour you want mixed up.


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Looks good although how many years will these jobs last,30,40,50 years??
Look at traditional lime render jobs lasting 100-200 years.
your thoughts chaps.


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Look at some proper lime renders in Rome still up and solid after over 1000yrs!

Pantheon etc.!
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