New CDM regs

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Won't be long for the cscs on domestics :) which reminds me I need to renew mine grrrrrr

i'm sure the cscs scheme was originally meant to be being brought in for domestic works, it was supposed to become law in 2010 that all trades working in domestic properties would have to have a cscs card to prove they were qualified to do the work they were doing.

Sure I read that back in 2006 when I first signed up to CSCS . i think it got abandoned during the recession


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This is going to be a wake up call for a lot of one man bands and smaller company's . They should take the time to familiarise themselves with the regs . Watch this space soon as the six month intro period is over and the HSE have had chance to prosecute a few unsuspecting contractors .. come January next year you will start and see the results of this new regulation regarding domestics


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Somebody told me the government had pulled the plug on hse funding now they're going to be self funded and the only revenue stream the hse have is prosecution and fines.


If any of you require your NVQ in Plastering in order to get the correct cscs card & prove your qualified. Contact me on 07592 318 344.
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