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Hi all.
Got a job where they want a partition wall. 30ft long and 9ft to the suspended ceiling. They want double doors in the middle. And plasterboarded both sides. Couple questions I need answering.
1. How much metal stud work will I need for the job. Never used it before always just made timber stud walls.
2. How much would you quite for this job (roughly)
3. How do I go about attaching to suspended ceiling. Or do I go through and attached to floor above?

Any help would be good

Cheers lads
1) Just work out what centres your studs will be, eg 400mm, then you should be able to work it out from that.
2) Depends how quick you can do it & what you want per day plus profit & mats etc.
3) Attach to ceiling above, might be concrete.
Once you have done the stud walls you will also need some perimetre track on both sides for the supended ceiling so put that in your price also timbers for your doors and price for longer studs if it nione foot.
Dont take this the wrong way mate but get someone in who knows what they are doing to help you.
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