Nearly 5 months in....

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Hello Everybody,

So its been nearly 5 months since the move and the upgrade, are you use to the way that the new forum works? Are you happy with the speed that it now loads on the new server?

Overall I am happy, the site is placed better on the search engines and the traffic has increased and we are getting a lot more people involved and interacting with the forum.

We are seeing a lot more bigger companies coming on now reading and with the likes of Krend dropping in it cannot be a bad thing.

I am after your ideas and suggestion to improve the site further....

I have been asked to put up a suspended ceiling section and I am planning on getting that done very soon.

Any other sections you would like to see?


With K-rend and GT getting involved in that thread yesterday it got me thinking that maybe once in a while you could invite suppliers/manufacturers/architects or whatever onto the forum in a chat set-up so we could fire loads of questions at them - we could give them architects some proper stick:RpS_sneaky:
Very good point bubbles ,that I would like to see.I would ask BG stop useing them silly bags what multi is in.
Oh ok..... maybe we can do a a question and answer section... I will have to see about getting some companies on board... good idea I like it :)

As with the spell checker, its not going to happen, most browsers come with it built in and vbulletin (forum software) say there is no point developing something that a browser will always do a lot better.... its a bit annoying but good point.

I use google chrome for a browser and it highlights miss spelt words :)

i was one of those that raised a few concerns when we moved to the new forum......

but works fine now ---happy !!!!:RpS_biggrin::RpS_biggrin:
Thanks :)

Was the best thing i have done was the move... was a big risk at the time and what with a domain move as well it could have gone very very wrong however I am pleased that it went well.

The forum is what it is due to every single member....
hmmmmm that is but that is down to CSS styling which is common fo most sites that are dynamically built..... lol

DOes it load quick enough for people???
same on my phone bubbles, the old site looked differently on my phone, more basic. the new one looks exactly the same as it does on the computer and takes ages to load
I have not noticed it dancing around :-( I will go and see what that could be and if I can replicate it

@bubbles is slow on 3g? or wifi? The site is hosted on the fastest server available with lots of tweaks to ensure the page load is fast

I have a setting that I can hit will make the site phone friendly and display it in its raw form and it wont look anything like what you see on a computer but because I dont have an iphone and my smart phone loads everything as it should I cant test it so I not in a position to test..... but I can look into getting that working in teh coming weeks as I was not aware that it was causing a problem.

My uncle uses an iphone and says it loads quick and clean..... so I am not sure

Thanks for the feedback, I will look into the problems and see what I can do, it will be a slow process though :-(

All the best

Now then danny, I don't know how I would find out if it was 3g or'd better get beddy onto this cos me and technology don't sit well together, I'm fkin yooooosless with it (no patience)

Shouldnt be slow on Wifi... thats down to the net connection... Its lightning on my phone on wifi slow on 3g though.

I will have a play in the week when I can get my uncles phone to test it on :)
hmmmmm that is but that is down to CSS styling which is common fo most sites that are dynamically built..... lol

DOes it load quick enough for people???

yeh im on 3g...

but cant you just bloody well build it in the right flippin order then!!!

i'd hate to go shopping with you in tescos..

shopping list:

new dvd player
printer paper


I rarely use a pc or laptop.
Have always used an iPhone on this forum since 2009 and the old forum via wifi was quick
but since it changed to the new forum it was a lot slower, but does seem slightly quicker recently.
Via wifi on the Phone for a page to load it takes me anything from 5-10 seconds even up to a minute sometimes.
But the page does come up straight away you just cant see all the posts, probably half a page till it's loaded.
And it does jump all over the place:RpS_biggrin:
3G isn't to bad just a bit slower than wifi.
And the forum comes up the same as it does on the pc.:RpS_thumbup:

How come the old forum was a lot faster to load then Danny?
I can add a fibrous plastering section no probs..

The old forum loaded quickly because it was a very thin forum software that was restrictive.... Also we have a lot more people on here now.... the server its on is as quick as I can get it.

At home for me pages load in less than a second :)

If I were to build the site the way chrris said it would take even longer to

yeh yeh any excuse... :RpS_laugh:
anyway, i only wanna read the posts, couldnt give a toss about the adverts, they can take all day to load.. :rolleyes)
Next monday I will be working on getting the iphone app to work... and fingers crossed it will work :)
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