My plastered ceiling nightmare.

Thanks for all the relevant replies, they're greatly appreciated.

MakeItSmooth: Here are the pictures taken closer to the ceiling / inside of the plaster in high resolution.

Monkey Boy: Futurama boxed set.
Is it a council flat?
Well, there is ‘white’ on both sides of the plaster.
Someone came on here about a year ago asking how to tackle a concrete ceiling
Got abused
Came back a month later with a different name asking similar
Got abused
I reckon he (very very very slim chance a she) did this work?
Can’t be bothered to fish out the threads
But I did it for you
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Nobody's mentioned spalling so I'm guessing that has nothing to do with it. The ceiling is concrete.

Monkey Boy - Mine was done Nov last year and that post is January so I don't think it's them.

Thanks for all the relevant feedback lads.