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I think the main reason most on here say skimming is the easiest part of plastering is because you're (mostly) plasterers.

I think the only thing I could personally compare it to would be laying/pouring concrete. It looks very easy, especially a small volume (2 cube or less) with ready mix available. Unfortunately when it's set and the floor, steels or blockwork starts is the time that it becomes apparent it's not. Like plaster when the painter or kitchen fitter starts to do their thing and it becomes apparent what the finish is really like and how out of plumb it is.

I know we all take the p1ss, but don't sell yourselves short. Plasterers have a skill, some have a wider range within that skill thaan others. If skimming was as easy as some suggest it would be a DIY job.

In @Lodan 's case he has that skill, but has yet to moove into the other areas of the trade. So I would suggest he'dd be classed as an 'improver' back in the day.

Regarding the day rate of £150:00, when I finished my four year apprenticeship in 1987 I was 20 and classed as an improver. I was on the books and my top line was just under £100:00 a day.

Does it seem fair that 30 years later a skilled or semi-skilled bloke is getting £150:00 a day self employed and some think it's too much?
I think improver is pretty much how I feel, my skimming is a nice standard and boarding nice flat but not a chance I would take a job floating a room or doing any rendering other than a small area
There's aspects we could all say are easy we've been doing it long enough , im talking 8 curls in a ceiling and leaving no blend mark when painted we will soon see who is good or not.
Plastering the one wall on board not really where I'm going with it.
Ye boarding is probably the most technical part about plastering and I'm sure a lot would rather skim but I've worked with many who would rather board so swings and roundabouts I guess.
Referring to a day rate of of 150 is it to much no I don't believe it is like I say you get as much as you can you are what you charge.

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And enjoy your work, i feel your pain as im working all weekend next week, although todays a good day...just been and got 20 boards (which now fit in the van as I cleaned it yesterday) and just settling down to the football with a beer:)
I should probably be encouraging you to earn more not the other way around its a hard enough tried you're heading in the right direction so keep it up enjoy the rest of the day mate I no we're i would rather be.

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Quite a good read this thread

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didnt ressurect this thread to justify if I should be spreading or not. Just wanted to let lads know if they have gaps or are strugglimng for work this website is a godsemd


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didnt ressurect this thread to justify if I should be spreading or not. Just wanted to let lads know if they have gaps or are strugglimng for work this website is a godsemd

Let's just keep it a secret from now on lodan as it just means more work and more money

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didnt ressurect this thread to justify if I should be spreading or not. Just wanted to let lads know if they have gaps or are strugglimng for work this website is a godsemd

I would class my business as sucessful, always busy, makes money, I enjoy the work and customers are happy with the results. I get a lot of referral business, some from Federation of Master Builder membership, some from the web site and I also use MyBuilder. I've been on it for about five or six years now.

Sure there's a lot of cheap dross on it, and some very unrealistic jobs. I keep my eye on the leads and every now and then something catches my eye and I express an interest. I target particular types of work and areas depending on the mood I'm in, what I feel like doing, time of year, and work that fits with my strengths. I never drop my rates so the jobs pay the same as all my other work, and I'm runnin at about a 50% conversion rate.

It brings 'new blood' into my customer pool and I've had referral work from jobs done through My Builder.

For me it's a very good system and I can't think of anything negative to say about it to be honest.

The first job I brought @Nisus on for was a My Builder job. Nice woman to work for, excellent payer and she left a glowing review for me and Lee. She even bought Lee a birthday cake and carried it to him with her and her mother singing happy birthday. :D

Even if you're stacked out with work I'd recommend signing up as it'll allow you to cherry pick some good jobs. What it won't do is instantly make you busy with well paying jobs, but then no one source that I now of will do that.


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I agree with the above. Jesus. Take a look at Rated People. Thirty or forty quid for a lead that doesn't exist. MyBuilder is okay. The leads aren't as cheap as a year or two ago, but still way below the competition and they are real. Plus you can ask questions before committing to the shortlist process.

Last time I advertised in the local paper was about three years ago. It was £32 for a small ad. You could shortlist yourself for couple of little jobs on MyBuilder for that. And choose what you're interested in. No bathrooms, kitchens, utility cupboards, rewire patching etc.