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I been using board recently as picked up few bags from wickes and they were out of multi, and it deffo goes off much quicker than multi! if I could be arsed Id easily manage 3 sets a day and not 2.. but... **** that :D


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I use board on all backgrounds always have,Multi hangs to long for me on reskims. If i got lots of m2's of boards to go at then maybe ill use multi cus a) its cheaper and b) i can smash tons m2 out on first coat cus its hangs.
I think board gives a finer finnish also and easier to trowel up on reskims as long as suction control is adequate,thers no problem


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multi hangs around longer, its for multiple backgrounds including higher suction backgrounds such as hardwall etc AD, hence the name multi :RpS_laugh:

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not that often if im honest mate, one coating with multi only seems to work when you got a thinnish uniform thickness and a good even level of suction....
different thicknesses or little suction and multi dont really go well...
but if its just over old plaster, flat enough with no paint on it.... yeh, be rude not to :-0
just got used to using it mate, going onto boardy for me is like swapping from a transit to a sprinter or an escort to a cavalier...
same thing, just different.. :RpS_bored:
you can make boardy work for you on reskims the same way you can make multi work for you on boardwork...
hadnt even realised boardy was dearer than multi these days.. :huh:


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If you carry multi finish then you can do any skimming job....fact
Multi does hang longer as mentioned before but this means you can put more on £££
Both give the same finish if used correctly.


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You can do any skimming job if you have board or multi on board it's all bollox plaster is plaster.


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More fat with board then multi. I would think there is not a lot in it when BG blend the plaster,
No it's not, multi drags on board and goes off all of a sudden whereas board on different backgrounds tend's to take ages to pull in so you have to work to the suction.
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