Multi Finish ad on facebook


Just seen this ad on facebook looks genuine and says in date, £7 a bag & only available to genuine Plasterers !!
It’s very possible that they’ve all got wind that the tides must be changing mate. The little f**k**s don’t want to be caught out now with pallets of gear going off! f**k em all I say!! Leave them with it.
Very good point there.trying to recoup his outlay maybe,oh I can't wait when stock outstrips demand and all these people with garage full of out of date gear,one gear I've used so far has had July,September expiry dates.
A guy rang me during the week , he was looking at bringing 1000 bags from Ireland and having it delivered here and selling it at £15 a bag . I said that ‘ship has sailed ‘ I said I can buy it here for £12 delivered , I think multi is starting to drip through now