monocouche Water setting m-tec m200


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My one tell me what there setting there water @ for monocouche on the m-tec m200


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Monos vary

You need Ryan and Andy on

Have you not used the M200 yet?
Looking looking for a rough Guide ,not used it as yet I can now set the machine up no problem and strip it down for cleaning,the chap I bought it off said the setting is around 400 but I think that maybe way too much

They usually say start at 350/300 (pissy as f**k) and GRADUALLY take it down to your consistency

Too quick a change and it'll jam up

This practice does work though - as it sort of primes the chamber for the duration.
You could with going on the day with them at 1 stop

Show you set up, priming, getting over probs etc
Prime it at 300 just through the pink, then run through the pipe at 300. Generally around 200 is good depends what gear your using aswell though