Mojo gone


Been off for few months after shoulder opp, but christ where do I begin?!

Having an absolute mare troweling up, timings gone to pot, little blemishes here and there fat Mark's the list goes on. God awful and embarrassing to say the least. Expected maybe a little bit of tail spin the first hit back but just finish a week of it and all over the show.

I hang my head in shame, going to strip it back to basics. Any advice on how to get back on the straight an narrow would be greatly appreciated!!

Heck chuck some abuse in as well by all means the performances I've put in of late deserves it! :tonto:
Just keep at it if u were Good before u will figure it out don’t be to hard on your self and don’t over think it it’s just a bit of skimming U CAN DO IT


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Sounds like you’re just sh it, end of!!
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