Method of application seen here?

How was this done?
My educated guesses are.
A. 3 coat system with what non Europeans refer to as distressed plaster with a more aggressive color change pattern
B. A base skim coat was applied and then different colors were applied in patches using a normal venetian style circular application pattern in that sub area of the wall and then it was blended
C. I'm unfamiliar with the term in English but the wall was scarred with a rough cleaning bad like a scotch pad in a pattern, allowed to dry some before another color was applicated and caught by that scar which was then burnished in the scar to create less of an indented surface that you would see in a Vesuvio style
Like this but smoothed
D. This is a multi colored plaster stack that was applied similar to
and then it was spread in a normal Venetian application movement

Thank you