Marshalltown Composite Hawk

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Why am I the problem? Because I don't bring my hawk to bed and tell it how much I love it then I must not be a true craftsman or some garbage like that? I don't have a mahogany cabinet dedicated to all the beautiful hawks i've had the pleasure of loading mud upon over the years? Bloody right then it's a square price of metal with a handle on it. I want it to either last a long time or be dirt cheap, kraft hawk is a pretty good compromise.

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It's suprising how much you can bend a MT handboard before it will snap. I put the corner of it on the floor and bend it with my foot, both ways on each corner. To shell off the build up every few months. The stubborn bits get removed off with a stanley blade scraper.

I like the look of those Kraft ones though, anyone have the 16" one?
The companies that design and produce a device square in shape with a cylinder shape attached designed to hold plaster call it a hawk, you may call it what you like but the correct name is hawk
I accidently stood on my MT ally board and bent the corner - it didn't break. I flex the corners as well to start to shell off the buildup before it decokes itself.
i got the 13 or 14 in kraft mag alloy composite its a lovley hawk very comfortable
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