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I have 2 machines for sale a 2005 G4 with fitted water pump and also a 1999 G5 both are ready to go straight to work but will require a generator which we can arrange if required, full training will be given on both machines as well as full technical back up and parts service.

Pm me for my number and i will give you more details

and before certain people get over excited about free advertising and stuff the G4 is my personal machine that i am selling and the G5 i am selling on behalf of someone who has had a run of bad luck and now needs to sell it.
render is it stil on the market for rental. me and the missis and another couple are looking at a villa holida this year looks lik a nice place
I thought rocketdog was buying the g4:confused: When you get desperate ill give you a jar full of pickled onions and some stale bread for it, but only if you chuck the genny in :RpS_cool:
No apparanatly he thought i didnt want to sell it and bought a G5 from cheltenham the filthy b*****d .... He must have thought i was using reverse physcology when i said i wanted to sell it lol

Sponge will the bread be buttered
The level of service he recieves from cheltnam will make up for it :RpS_lol:
Buttered to hide the mold !:RpS_sneaky:
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