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Live in waterlooville now really need some work and trainnijg I’m in my level 2 and looking for someone to take me on as labourer improver my life is s**t right now if there anyone who can help let know thank you


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Tbh I wouldn't touch you with a barge pole just from that lack of professionalism you've applied to your introduction not that I'm looking or your my area anyway.

Nobody owes you a living in this world pal!


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Zombie you’ve turned into a right jumped up prick lately

So would you send out a cv to a company saying.

"have you got any jobs going coz my life's s**t right now?"

If thinking that's wrong makes me a jumped up prick then so be it!


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Lad sounds bit down in the dumps but I’ve got to agree with zombie here. Bit odd to put that when looking for work
The new Andy g/Yosser Hughes