Looking for work


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Live in waterlooville now really need some work and trainnijg I’m in my level 2 and looking for someone to take me on as labourer improver my life is s**t right now if there anyone who can help let know thank you
Tbh I wouldn't touch you with a barge pole just from that lack of professionalism you've applied to your introduction not that I'm looking or your my area anyway.

Nobody owes you a living in this world pal!
Zombie you’ve turned into a right jumped up prick lately

So would you send out a cv to a company saying.

"have you got any jobs going coz my life's s**t right now?"

If thinking that's wrong makes me a jumped up prick then so be it!
Lad sounds bit down in the dumps but I’ve got to agree with zombie here. Bit odd to put that when looking for work
The new Andy g/Yosser Hughes