Looking for plastering experience in NW

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Hello all,
Hoping there's a plasterer out there looking for a labourer.
I live in Liverpool and I'm making a sideways step into plastering: I have worked on sites for nearly 20 years and ran my own landscaping company during this time so used to hard work.
Looking to move into private work eventually and I am available whenever you need.
I have a couple of small-ish jobs coming up for mates which I'm up to, but hoping to follow a spread with some experience so I can really get to grips with it.
Will work completely free, have my own transport etc.
Your too old mate if u been on site for 20yrs you gotta be late 30s early 40s u physically cant do it pal trust me if you dont get into our game early dont bother! Have u tried tesco or morrisons?
Not open for further replies.