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Hi everyone-

I've recently changed careers and am getting as much experience as possible in the natural/traditional building sector. I've done a small amount of lime work, including a couple of workshops in run mouldings and pargeting, and now want to get a lot more confident in plastering.

I'm about to work on a straw bale build for a couple of months so will work with lime render then (as well as all the other aspects of the build), and following that I'm free to get as much experience as I can.

I'm happy to travel to work- in currently fairly mobile as I moved out of Liverpool in preparation for a heritage skills apprenticeship I was due to start down in Cornwall, but unfortunately the funding fell through for some reason. I'll probably move back to Liverpool after the straw bale build (unless the perfect apprenticeship opportunity happens to come up elsewhere!), but my family are in Bristol and Bedfordshire so I have somewhere to rest my head if I find any work close to either of those areas!

Is there anyone on here who might be happy to give me a chance working with them? I'm genuinely interested in the work, and a reliable and trustworthy worker. I know that I need to work with experienced professionals to learn everything I can from them, and that's exactly what I want to be doing over the next few years.