Looking for lime plasterer in Tameside


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Hi all,

I'm looking to find a lime plasterer for a job in Tameside.

We live in a solid stone cottage, built approx 1860 and the internal walls / ceilings are originally lime plastered. We'd like to stick with lime so the building can breath, especially on the 'outer' walls in each room.

Obviously, not an ideal time for home visits but would like to get something arranged for when Corvid restrictions are lifted.

From what I understand, gypsum might be ok to use on internal partition walls where there is less need for 'breathability' - so if possible, would be good to get the opinion of someone with good knowledge of both lime and gypsum.

As for the condition of the current lime plaster, I think it varies throughout the house but on inspection some parts have crumbled. Not sure whether it's possible to patch these bits and then skim or whether I'd need to remove it all and start from stone. Have attached a couple of images from one wall which is pretty typical of most walls in the house.

Thanks in advance for advice / replies.


  • Looking for lime plasterer in Tameside
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  • Looking for lime plasterer in Tameside
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