looking for apprenticeship or labouring LINCS/NOTTS (happy to relocate)

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Hey everyone,

I'm 32. I'm looking for some work, i've asked local firms with no luck so far. I can skim and board. i know how to dot and dab, fix up beading and other little jobs but i don't have that much experience

Im happy to relocate if need be, I'm happy to be a labourer who does the odd little job if needed. I'm not the fastest skimmer in the world but im working with a mate to try get up to speed. sadly he doesnt have much work for me though and i'd like to be on site everyday.

Happy to start an NVQ at college to get a cscs card. I'm looking at doing a NVQ in carpentry and electrics as well to top-up my skills

thanks in advance :)
Hi there I'm always looking for lads give me a ring on 07974490876 and I'll see what I can sort out. Lewis
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