liquid screed through a ritmo

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Has anyone tried this before , and what sort of area ? I've been thinking about it for some small extensions etc . Thanks in advance for any replys
I've used weber fine flow and it went well, great finish, If your thinking of anything over 20mm thick forget it, It would be too expensive and slow.
It would be around 35 mm on average depth we would need to be covering what would be a good pump to handle liquid screed on the domestic size jobs ?
What volume do you want to pump? There are lots of different materials too, bagged which is expensive and premix which is also expensive but you lay in a fraction of the time.
We. Do lots of extensions and refurbs so it would not be large areas its just a thought at the moment as there is nobody in my area who does this , its just the flow rate which concerns me with the ritmo
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