Liquid screed near Redditch

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Lol Penis Colider his favourite, extra salty :D

A dirty felcher with extra dirt ....

..a "dirty felcher" for those who don't know is well known cocktail in the Midlands, just google and I'm sure you'll get the recipe
Lol Penis Colider his favourite, extra salty :D

Just because you're insecure in your heterosexuality doesn't mean the rest of us are. Mr I'm-a-man-because-I-only-drink-pints-of Mild. :D

A Pina Colada is a lovely drink, basically an alcoholic milkshake.

Not sure about that blue stuff @Olican insisted we try though. I've never heard of anyone having to crush a pill into their own cocktail before? Still, I'd also never heard the drinking toast "Don't you worry about a thing moi luvverr. Bite down on the bar." before. o_O I suppose it's because they're such cosmopolitan sophisticates in Devoncestershire.
I'm in bumsgrove end of the month if you and @Nisus got time we can have a Costa, would take a copy of the spons book too so nisus can keep on top of the going rates

Yeah, let us know nearer the day. (y)

Don't worry about @Nisus he'll probably be around. He just gets all shy and insecure around other plasterers. He had to have a day off for personal grooming before he met @beddy or @Olican :rayos: