Limelite plasterer bit of advice needed plz

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Hi I'm having to do a bi of damp proof on a house for a builder the walls have been injected. Now he's insisted I use this limelite plaster. I've worked with it years ago but I was just doing a little bit. This time I need to do the bottom of 2 walls 1m high but the the rest of wall needs skimmed.
The questions are-
Can I skim coat on top on the limelite?
Or do I have to use limelite top coat on the lower half of top on the limelite backing then skim the top half of the walls into the limelite top coat?
Thank you for your help
I would skim the lot with multi, unless the builder insists otherwise or needs it done with lime light finish for a guarantee.
Just skim as normal buddy but from what i can remember it will be high suction so give it a good soaking first.
Skim it wi multi or if you have to use limelite finish throw a handfull of multi in with it otherwise you will be there forevevevevevevevevever:)
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