Lime rendering plastering


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Hi I've been plastering for 30 years including lime work for the last 15,
Just looking for someone experienced to discuss every day issues we come up against which crop up from time to time, such as my current problem of NHL lime rendering a large area of wall with patches of high suction brick back ground , I cannot fit render stop beads to break the wall up so will have to have a joint line half way down ,any tips on joining into the previous day's render without it being noticeable, also regulating the suction so the it all dries at the same time so when it's rubbed up it will be an even colour.
Many thanks


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Hi Pippa1967. We at PRB are a rendering manufacturer of all aspects of rendering materials from monocouche, thin coat to lime technology. Lime has come along way over the last 10 years. We specialise in new technology where the 3 coat lime system becomes obsolete. We have 2 part and even one part systems for external and internal use. Feel free to browse our website for more information. or call or email me at anytime on 07584037293 Look forward to hearing from you.