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Am currently involved in a grade 2 listed property which is in a state of needing mainly reskimming in lime, the problem is the property has been coated in distemper to emulsion.

Any suggestions are welcome in best practices to get this property back to its former glory.
distemper to emulsion or vis versa? skimming with walls primed with dg27 and skimmed with regency plaster from mike wye common practice ,
Some areas are just distemper and the emulsion would not be breathable surely, so Im thinking that dg27 would be costly and pointless without emulsion first being removed. Also does dg27 stabilise distemper to make it good for skimming over. The finish I will be using is old house stores fine stuff which I have always had great results with.
distemper to emulsion or vis versa? skimming with walls primed with dg27 and skimmed with regency plaster from mike wye common practice ,
Regency plaster from mike wye is tricky to finish straight on to dg27 as there will be no suction. If you use his 3:2 top coat plaster first, flattened with sponge float. When dry it gives you the suction and enough key to get really nice finish with the regency.
Isnt regency a fine trowel finished plaster? My client is looking for a sponged/floated finish so would fine stuff work on the same principal i.e let the first coat pull right in the top with a tight second?
Yes for sure, just achieving suction with a first coat then finish however with tight second coat. Just finished large amount recently, same senario, laid in mesh on that first coat aswell to deal with cracks/ electrical chase joins etc. worked very well.
Also, carefull not to over dampen between those two coats. If using dg/thistlebond that initial thin base cost is easily over saturated as suction stops at the primer.
You can end up with a hanging wet top coat you can't float up, which defeats the point of doing two coats.
Hope this helps and makes sense!
I use fine stuff all the time with no suction it's hard work . Skimming over old lime not a good idea . Customer would be better off long term to do it right three coat work
We used a product called Beeckotex on a fairly large job some time back, removed the Loose paint, and gave it a fine sanding, then applied the Beeckotex, left to dry then sanded it,worked a treat.
It's breathable and also reversable , which our conservation architect required.

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thats the problem on all jobs lately is when you discuss price and various methods they will nearly always go for the quick fix rather than the long term solution , it is a bit tricky to get a finish with regency on dg27!! but is possible, and didnt know that you wanted a fine sponge finish, you would of course have to remove the emulsion, and the r 100 or r 50 incorperating a mesh from st astier could be another route, again as seanlar said hack off 3 coats sounds s better!
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