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I'm pricing up a 3 coat lime job onto stone, internal on a listed property.
I usually give a day rate on this type of work, the customer has asked for a square metre price( 50 square meters)
The lime will be pre mixed so no fussing about with stripping hair and adding to mix.
But I'll prob have to fill all gaps between the stones with mortar befor I start the actual plastering.
So any formulars or calculations on lime per/sq/m would be most welcome. No labourer on this one
Yes its simple the formula is the amount of metres you can do in a day divided by your day rate gives you the metre rate :)
...and divided by the lateral lime co effiecent , as indicated in the lime costings sub divisional labour/material base graph of 1987.
it will take you 1 day to put the 50 m2 first coat on then wait up to 10 - 14 days for this to carbonate... then go back and put the leveling coat on approx 10mm depending on how flat your first coat is 10mm equals 10 days for this coat to carbonate.. then you can go back and put the skim coat on that is if your using proper lime NHL render/plaster and charge a minimum of £8.00 per coat job price £1,200.00 labour only
Cheers render systems, that is exactly the price I came to, Lab only.
I've quoted on proper lime render/3 coats, yes.
Why can I only find suppliers down south. £65/per pallet delivery charge.
None in the midlands.
my mate will do delivery for £40.00 a pallet just add a £1.00 per m2 someone has to pay for diesel,, customer has to accept this or work labour only and tell them to get the fcuking stuff
christ 50sqr mtr in one day by yourself on lime is going some if he is getting it in pallet form he has got to dig it out put it in a bucket get to a plasters bath empty it and repeat about 15 times then mix it in bath then start butting it on the wall not to mention wetting it down waiting then wetting it again or again and again untill it stops sucking the water in then theres dubbing out the most i can do on my tod is 30sqrm in a day and i hav had it by the end or am i just crap and slow ??? that job would take me 6days not 3
good question...with non hydraulic lime u can still come back the following day with it green and carry coating would need to be done all in 1....NHL is different as u have the hydraulic set...u can close in fissues and shrinkage cracks the following day but a break on a facade would be best avoided...spose if u were hand forming arrises u could work up to 1 edge with a straight edge up against it and then do the other the following day
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