Lime plaster job in Broughton Gifford


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Hi guys, first post here so hope I am doing this correctly.

Anyone near Broughton Gifford, Bath etc.?

Looking for someone to undertake labour only for internal lime plaster to a small lounge in a stone cottage in Broughton Gifford. Materials (already purchased), power and water will be provided free of charge.

The room dimensions measure approximately 7m x 4m and 2.3 m high, comprising approximately 45 m2 of wall measured over door and window openings. A Harl coat of lime plaster has already been completed.

The lime plaster is to be applied in 3 coats:

First scratch coat, 15 mm. The walls are ready and prepared for this. It is envisaged that this coat may be applied over a period of one or two days, and then needs to be left to dry out for a week.

Second levelling float coat, 10mm. This coat can only be applied after the first scratch coat has dried out, a week thereafter.

Third skim coat, 3 mm. This coat can only be applied after the second levelling coat has dried out, a week thereafter. This coat will be applied to the float lime coat plus a small area of plasterboard to columns, walls and a ceiling beam.

Materials provided free of charge:

15mm Scratch / 10mm Float / 3mm Skim

68 x 20 kg HAIRED Lime Mortar

45 x 20 kg UNHAIRED Lime Mortar (50/50)

15 x 19 kg Heritage Lime Plaster
And instructions too

Is there no end to this man's benevolence?

No mention of tea mind.
just pointing out that there is mains water and power on the site, tea is free too, even to the odd bacon roll ... but happy if someone wants to pay :)

Not so much instructions, just setting out timescales because other work will be happening during the drying time between coats